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Jack’s Patient Journey Part 2: His Laser Hair Removal Treatment Process and Results

In part 1 of Jack’s patient journey story, we talked about why Jack chose laser hair removal to treat the hairs on his neck below his beard and why he chose the professionals at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics for his treatments. To Jack, shaving was a tedious chore that took a lot of time and energy. After getting laser hair removal, he has more energy to devote to the people and activities he enjoys.

Now, let’s take a closer look at his laser hair removal treatment process and his final results.

Preparing for His Laser Hair Removal Treatment

According to Jack, preparing for his laser hair removal treatments was a breeze. He didn’t have to change his routine or do anything in particular except shave before each treatment and make sure he didn’t get sunburned in the treatment area.

The specialists at Sapphire recommend shaving one or two days before the appointment, depending on how fast your hair grows, so there is minimal to no stubble at the time of treatment. This also allows any irritation or rawness from shaving to resolve before laser hair removal, making the treatment more comfortable. However, because Jack’s hair grew back so quickly, he opted to shave the night before his treatments, which worked out perfectly.

A Word of Advice From Jack

For anyone getting laser hair removal done in an area that borders other hair, Jack recommends making sure you know where the line is between the hairs you want removed and the hairs you want left so you can be consistent. Since Jack’s treatment area was his neck beneath his beard and he didn’t always line it up to the same spot, the hairs further up didn’t get treated at every session.

“Before your laser hair removal appointment, I recommend making sure your beard is lined up and trimmed to exactly how you want it to look after all your laser hair removal treatments are done.”

While those elusive hairs along the border of his beard eventually got treated at subsequent appointments and aren’t an issue now, being consistent with where he shaved would have made sure he got his ideal laser hair removal results sooner.

“One way you can do this if you yourself are not really experienced at shaving and lining up your beard is go to your barber and have them line it up for you so it looks perfect and exactly how you want it.”

Jack’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment Experience

Jack arrived for his first appointment 10 minutes early, eager and excited to start the process. He was greeted by the friendly front-office staff, who checked him in for his appointment. After just a couple of minutes in the waiting room, Jack was met by Maricela (Mari), Sapphire’s advanced practice esthetician and laser technician. She led him to an inviting treatment room down the hall.

A Comfortable Treatment Process

During his treatment, Jack relaxed comfortably on the treatment bed. Mari applied a cooling gel to his skin and then moved the laser device across the target area of his neck.

Jack described the feeling of the treatment as similar to the snapping of a rubber band against his skin or like little pinches. During the first treatment he felt the most sensation, but the last few treatments were a walk in the park for him.

“The treatment hurt more than a tickle but less than doing your taxes.” (Any other Snow Dogs movie fans out there?) “Zap zap zap and it was done. The whole process was quick and easy and relatively painless.”

Flexible Scheduling

Jack had six laser hair removal treatments from October 2021 to June 2022. It was recommended for him to get laser hair removal done every four to six weeks, but with his busy schedule, he sometimes had to reschedule appointments. Every time this happened, the staff was very accommodating and understanding, and Jack appreciated being able to book his new appointment dates without any trouble.

“Every person at Sapphire was kind and accommodating. They did everything they could to make sure I enjoyed my experience there.”

Jack’s Laser Hair Removal Recovery

After his laser hair removal treatments, Jack was able to go about his business as usual, but the experts at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics made sure he knew how to protect his newly treated skin.

Sun Protection Is Essential — and Starting Treatments in the Fall Was Perfect

While Jack’s activities weren’t limited after his treatments, he was informed about the importance of sun protection. Mari explained that the skin in the treatment area is more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays after laser hair removal, making daily sunscreen application vital.

Reflecting back, Jack realized that he timed his treatment series well by starting in the fall and finishing before the height of summer, meaning he was able to avoid direct sunlight most of the time before and after his treatments. However, Jack still made sure to wear sunscreen every day, even when he was inside, to make sure his skin was protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

“It just wasn’t worth the risk of damaging my skin after laser hair removal.“

Jack’s Results: A Polished Look With Minimal Effort

After finishing his last laser hair removal treatment a couple of months ago, Jack is overjoyed with his results. The stubborn darker and thicker hairs that his initial treatments left growing back are now gone and haven’t reared their ugly heads. His neck all the way up to where his beard begins is completely and consistently smooth.

“Now I stay looking clean and polished with minimal effort.”

He Starts His Day in a Good Mood and Has Time for What’s Important

What used to be a tedious chore for Jack is no longer something he has to even think about. Now, getting ready for work meetings and date nights is faster and easier than ever, and Jack enjoys having that extra 10 to 15 minutes when getting ready so he doesn’t have to feel rushed. He wakes up in a better mood knowing he can save his time and energy for his loved ones and things he actually wants to do.

“I know I only have so much time and energy to give each day, and I really value the extra time I don’t have to spend shaving now. For me, it was well worth it because I start off the day with a positive attitude and have more energy to spend on things that are important to me.”

Ready to Enjoy His Long-Lasting Results

When Jack first learned about laser hair removal, he thought this treatment would just slow his hair growth rather than provide semi-permanent hair removal. He thought he would still have to shave once every couple of weeks or so instead of daily or every other day, which he was still pretty psyched about. But after learning about the long-lasting results of laser hair removal, Jack says he wishes he’d done this so much sooner.

“This treatment series was already worth it for me to be able to put off shaving for a couple of weeks. But now, knowing my results will last up to three years, it’s infinitely more valuable and worth it to me.”