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Jack’s Patient Journey Part 1: Laser Hair Removal for a Clean-Cut Look

laser hair removal patient

Jack had dealt with shaving his neck almost daily for years before he seriously considered laser hair removal. He spent countless hours and dollars on shaving he’ll never get back. Now, after getting his neck hairs lasered away, he’s easygoing and carefree, and getting ready is a cinch. He wishes he’d done it so much sooner!

“It costs less than I thought it would, and it’s totally worth it, especially when thinking about all of the time I save not shaving every couple of days. Being able to just throw on some nice clothes and be ready for date night provides so much added convenience.”

A Rugged Situation

Jack was born and raised in Renville, MN, a small town west of Minneapolis. In high school, Jack’s facial and neck hair grew in thick and at a rapid pace. He had numerous hairs on his neck that extended beneath his beard that he felt made him look unkempt.

After taking the time to shave and create a sharply outlined beard that gave him a clean-cut look, he would be frustrated by hairs quickly sprouting back in the area not 24 hours later. Jack was forced to shave his neck every couple of days to maintain his stubble-free, professional look.

Shaving Became a Tedious Chore…

Not only was his rate of natural hair regrowth bothersome, but Jack had to shave the same areas multiple times at various angles to get all of the elusive straggler hairs. Jack spent substantial time shaving and getting his beard neckline just right. And after taking all of that time trying to get a smooth, clean look, he would often end up with red, bumpy, irritated skin and think, “Wow, all that for this?”

By late adolescence, Jack had been dealing with the tedious task of shaving his neck for years and was despondent to think there was no end in sight.

… and a Costly Task

Jack tried multiple types of razors (cartridge razors, electric razors, etc.) to find what was best for him, and the financial burden of having to keep up with the demand of his dense, fast-growing hair added up.

Laser Hair Removal Was Just a Fleeting Thought

Jack was aware of laser hair removal as an option for people but thought it was a treatment for women and mainly used for their leg hair. He would jokingly say how nice it would be to get laser hair removal on his neck, but he never imagined it would be something that could be used on that area or that he’d benefit from so greatly.

From Dreams to Reality

After high school, Jack moved to Saint Paul to go to Hamline University. He loved the city so much that he decided to continue living there after graduation. Jack’s eyes were opened to all of the possibilities with laser hair removal when he started a new job. He began working as an account manager for a digital marketing agency for plastic surgeons, medical spas and others in the aesthetics industry. His perspective widened as he learned about how versatile laser hair removal could be and how both men and women commonly benefited from it.

Every time he shaved, Jack would think more and more about how nice it would be to save the significant time, effort and money spent on maintaining his hair-free neck and clean look. Eventually, laser hair removal wasn’t just a joke or a fleeting thought; he was ready to make it a reality.

Finding the Right Laser Hair Removal Provider

Because Jack worked with Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, he already knew how skilled and knowledgeable the staff was. He knew he could depend on them to provide a high-quality experience using the best techniques and technologies available. He didn’t even consider going anywhere else for his laser hair removal treatments.

Sapphire is located in Wayzata, MN, just on the other side of Minneapolis from St. Paul and not too far from where Jack lives. Although there were other aesthetic practices closer to his home, Jack knew Sapphire as the top tier of laser hair removal providers and was willing to drive a bit further to go there.

The Sapphire Experience

At his first visit to Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, Jack was welcomed and made to feel very relaxed and at home. The staff was very friendly, explained the process and answered some questions he had about laser hair removal. After that, he felt completely comfortable, confident and ready to start his treatments.

Dramatic Results After Just One Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Jack had his first laser hair removal treatment done in October of 2021, and he was surprised at how effective it was. Rather than seeing his thick hairs come back quickly over the next couple of days, his hair regrowth was stunted, and the hairs came back much thinner and slower. Even weeks later, his neck hairs didn’t look as shaggy as they usually would after a couple of days.

“I was amazed at how much just the first treatment did!”

A Few More Treatments In

Jack has had a few laser hair removal treatments so far, and already the vast majority of his neck hairs have been effectively treated. What used to take days to grow back now takes weeks, and the hairs that do grow back feel thinner and softer. While there are a couple of small spots where his neck hair remains dark and thick, many areas are now consistently hair-free.

Jack’s neck stays virtually smooth and bump-free to provide a professional, clean-cut look even if he only has a moment’s notice to get ready for a night out or work meeting.

Excited to See His Final Results

Jack is thrilled with his laser hair removal results so far. With a few more treatments on the books, Jack has no doubt the rest of his unwanted neck hairs will be taken care of.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Jack’s patient journey to learn more about his laser hair removal experience and final results.