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Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics Skincare Products

We’re proud to offer our very own line of clinical-grade skincare to support your skin at home before and after your treatments. Designed for you to take a little bit of us home with you for extended results. Can be used for immediate post-appointment recovery or as your new daily routine. Suitable for all skin types.

The Only Cream You’ll Ever Need

skin care product

This ultra-nourishing cream contains a balanced combination of ingredients for perfectly hydrated, healthy skin. Antioxidants protect cells while niacinamide brightens, organic safflower seed oil adds a supple effect and essential fatty acids attract and retain long-term moisture. With TOCYEN, your skin has never looked better.
How to use: Apply anywhere on your skin as part of a comforting post-procedure regime and daily as needed for continued results.

Vitamin Rich Bruise Relief Cream

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Speed up the color-changing process (and pain) of bruising or spots from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) with vitamins E + K and arnica. Added squalane and hyaluronic acid keep you moisturized while you say goodbye to those tell-tale signs you had a little something done.
How to use: Apply VRBRC before and after your procedure to reduce the appearance of treatment side effects, and continue use until skin is back to normal.

Squalane Equilibrium Restoring Gel

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Get back to balance after your treatment with SERG, a rapidly hydrating conditioner for nourishing and protecting your greatest asset. Naturally lubricate and shield your skin with this squalane-based petroleum jelly replacement. Keep moisture where it belongs in your skin.
How to use: Apply immediately after your procedure to recover quicker and maintain moisture.

Hydrating Skin Toner with CoQ10

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A cooling toner spray with aloe and cucumber, HSTwCQ10 soothes your skin and preps it for maximum moisture and whatever else comes your way. Contains hyaluronic acid and CoEnzyme Q10 for increased hydration and antioxidant protection.
How to use: Apply daily as needed before your hydrating serum or moisturizer for optimal results. Can also be used to set makeup for staying power.

Ceramide 3 Lipid Replenisher

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C3LR is a multi-tasking skin conditioning serum that can be used alone or in combination with your daily lotion to restore critical moisture balance. Works by locking in lipids lost to aging, daily activities or peels. Supports skin barriers for improved retention.
How to use: Apply starting three days after laser treatments and continue daily for best results.

100% Hyaluronic Acid Quenching Serum

skin care product

“A pure drink of water for the skin”. 100% HAQ Serum uses extracted sodium hyaluronate for a lower molecular weight to increase hydration by penetrating your epidermis and magnetizing even more moisture. Your skin will never feel thirsty again.
How to use: Apply before the rest of your skincare routine for better absorption of products.

Antioxidant Rich Calming Serum

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Keep calm and soothe on! ARC Serum brightens, tightens, soothes and hydrates with the power of oil-soluble vitamin C, calming vitamin E and stabilizing ferulic acid. Protect and renew your skin with antioxidants, not irritation.
How to use: Apply to clean skin before your mineral SPF cream. Wear after procedures as your skin’s armor against the world.

Biomimetic Oligo Peptide Rejuvenating Serum

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BOPRS comes complete with five unique peptides identical to the human placenta for the rejuvenation of the skin and reducing wrinkles, hydration and nutrition. Peptides fortify and firm thinning skin — the ultimate anti-aging boost.
How to use: Apply post-treatment. Especially recommended for right after microneedling procedures.

Bundles and Specials Featuring Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics Products

Complimentary Hand Treatment

Relax even further with our specialty hand treatment that takes care of the most used part of your body. Everyone deserves this kind of attention!

  • Step One: Antioxidant Rich Calming Serum
  • Step Two: Ceramide 3 Lipid Replenisher
  • Step Three: The Only Cream You’ll Ever Need

Botox/Filler Specials

  • Receive 10% off Biomimetic Oligo Peptide Serum at your next Botox or filler treatment to fortify the skin while increasing anti-aging effects for months after.
  • Vitamin Rich Bruise Cream is included for first-time injectable patients. Start by pre-treating the area at home three to five days before your injection appointment and five to ten days after the procedure. Safe for use on your lips.

Post Recovery Kit

The ultimate after-appointment home care for preserving and extending your results. Use this combination of our best products to maintain moisture, protect from free radicals and improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

  • 100% Hyaluronic Quenching Serum
  • Ceramide 3 Lipid Replenisher
  • The Only Cream You Will Ever Need

Post-Laser Treatment Recovery

Take home Squalene Equilibrium Restoring Gel for your post-laser recovery and to seal in extra moisture while your new skin layers rejuvenate more quickly.

Fall Prep and Ready Package

The leaves are falling, but your moisture levels shouldn’t. Stay hydrated with these top two products that protect your skin from the elements while hydrating to new levels.

  • 100% Hyaluronic Quenching Serum
  • Ceramide 3 Lipid Replenisher

Hydrating Bundle Package

Your skin has never had this much moisture. These are our three most hydrating products that combine to give you a more glowy, youthful look every day. Amplify and retain new levels of balanced moisture.

  • Hydrating Skin Toner w/ CoQ10
  • 100% Hyaluronic Quenching Serum
  • Ceramide 3 Lipid Replenisher

Anti-Aging Bundle

Arm your skin with these three skin defenders. Defy gravity and time by adding this trinity of age-fighting serums for more plump, firm and smoother skin.

  • Biomimetic Oligo Peptide Rejuvenating Serum
  • Antioxidant Rich Calming Serum
  • 100% Hyaluronic Quenching Serum

CoQ10 Bundle

Add a little energy to your skin with this two-piece bundle that uses CoQ10 to help even out your skin tone, reduce dullness and tighten up the skin, all while aiding in moisture retention.

  • Hydrating Skin Toner w/ CoQ10
  • The Only Cream You’ll Ever Need