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Why BodyTite With Tickle Lipo Are Your Best Body Contouring Solutions

It’s true that when it comes to fine-tuning your ideal body shape, you have many options. After a significant weight loss or pregnancy, it’s downright frustrating when those last stubborn inches (or pounds) just won’t budge. Enter: liposuction, your solution to removing smaller pockets of fat in targeted areas such as your belly, flanks, hips, thighs and arms. But deciding which type to get can be confusing.

What’s even worse is when your skin has also lost elasticity, looking wrinkly or saggy and causing the appearance of being larger than you are. Especially after all that hard work to get fit. That’s when you might begin to wonder if liposuction will fix this too, or if you should consider something else for skin tightening. Many will wonder if perhaps combining them is the best way to reduce extra fat and create the slimmer silhouette you’ve been aiming for.

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics has the solution: BodyTite + tickle lipo is the most effective and longest-lasting body contouring option. Our experienced and board-certified surgeon, Dr. Leslie Smith, will use these treatments to help you achieve your goal in the safest way possible and get results you will love… for YEARS.

What’s BodyTite?

BodyTite is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten loose skin. It can be performed alone or paired with liposuction to remove fat simultaneously.

  • BodyTite tightens mildly to moderately sagging skin on most body areas
  • This minimally invasive procedure has little to no downtime on its own
  • Treatments on small areas can be as quick as half an hour
  • Thanks to the anesthetic, this treatment isn’t painful
  • It can be combined with liposuction to remove excess fat more efficiently than traditional liposuction, with less trauma to the surrounding tissue and a shorter recovery

BodyTite is not liposuction but works exceptionally well with lipo to contour the body. Liposuction alone may do the trick to reduce fat. However, you risk being left with loose skin after the fat is removed, which is why pairing BodyTite with lipo helps avoid that potential side effect. When used specifically with tickle lipo, you get an even better result.


Immediately after, you can return to your daily activities without strenuous movements, and most patients are at work the next day. You will likely notice some improvement in skin tightness and body contouring immediately after your procedure, particularly if fat was removed through liposuction. While the body will continue to age, the skin should look better than if no treatment was done.

Results will continue to improve as collagen production increases over the next year. Liposuction results will be visible within three months once the swelling has subsided. BodyTite typically results in a 25-45% reduction of soft tissue.

Fat removed through liposuction is permanently gone, but remaining fat cells can still grow, so results will last as long as weight is kept stable. To maintain long-lasting results, it is vital to keep weight within 5-10 pounds of your weight at the time of your procedure.

What’s Tickle Lipo?

Tickle lipo is a version of liposuction that has significant benefits and advantages over other forms, including laser liposuction. This state-of-the-art technology allows for permanent and detailed fat reduction with little discomfort and fast recovery.

  • Considered a safe procedure, it will immediately shut off if non-fatty tissue is contacted, ensuring only fat is destroyed
  • No need for a general anesthetic
  • Effective in removing stubborn and unwanted fat by liquefying and quickly eliminating fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue
  • Painless delivery of local anesthesia, decreasing procedural discomfort and shortening treatment times
  • Almost pain-free – The unique infrasonic vibration disrupts the sensation of painful stimuli by activating the nerves that block the transmission of pain signals, thus blocking pain signals sent to the brain, resulting in more of a tickling sensation. Hence the name tickle lipo
  • Quicker recovery time – Return to work as soon as the next day and resume non-strenuous activities almost immediately
  • Very little reported bruising or swelling
  • Better contouring and smoothing results


Because tickle lipo uses infrasonic technology only to break down fat cells, it has the benefit of achieving more extraordinary contouring abilities, smoother results, reduced swelling and less bruising than other liposuction methods. Studies have shown less trauma to the surrounding tissue than traditional liposuction because the fat is liquefied and extracted quickly through small incisions. Swelling, bruising and recovery downtime are reduced.

The unique vibrating tool speeds up liposculpture, making the tickle lipo treatment up to 25% faster than many traditional lipo procedures. And since tickle lipp doesn’t use heat or ultrasound, which can cause an uneven appearance, you have smoother results. Patients will experience permanent fat removal when maintaining their ideal weight afterward.

Is Bodytite with Tickle Lipo Better Than AirSculpt?

AirSculpt is a laser liposuction technique patented in 2012 for use at Elite Body Sculpture medical spas.

Traditional liposuction uses a cannula to break up the fat. In contrast, AirSculpt lipo uses a proprietary cannula with a thin laser, which allows the plastic surgeon to melt excess fat before it’s removed through a freckle-sized hole. This minimally invasive procedure is much gentler on the surrounding tissue, so there’s no need for general anesthesia. Scars aren’t typically an issue since there aren’t incisions that require care and healing.

The Right Candidate

A good candidate for AirSculpt is an adult in good health who wants to move or remove stubborn fat and contour specific areas of their body. It’s recommended for the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks or chin.

AirSculpt differs from other laser liposuction techniques since it can harvest cells for fat transfers to areas where you want more volume, such as in a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation or hip augmentation.


AirSculpt requires a minimum of 24-48 hours to recover before returning to work, and, likely, you’ll still be dealing with some bruising and swelling for a couple of weeks. AirSculpt offers a very light skin tightening result, not usually enough to treat lax skin significantly. Dedicated treatments typically have better results in creating taut skin.

What about SonoBello?

Another laser-assisted liposuction, SonoBello, is typically more invasive than other lipo methods due to the risk of internal and external burns. A surgeon manually removes fat through incisions in your target areas.

Little pain is reported since the incision areas are pretreated with local anesthesia. Still, in some cases, there is the risk of adverse reactions to the injections having them not working. And while SonoBello keeps scars to a minimum, it does leave scars. The incisions leave a few scars around the treatment area that will fade over time.


You’ll need to take at least a few days off work, and the swelling and bruising will last several weeks. Lasers make the fat easier to remove and have the potential to tighten the skin in the area. However, in addition to the risk of burns, heat from lasers can cause an uneven result that won’t appear until weeks after your procedure.

Is Bodytite with Tickle Lipo Better Than CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment that doesn’t require incisions or injections. This procedure requires zero anesthesia which means you can drive yourself home afterward.

The promise of liposuction results with tighter skin seems almost too good to be true. And the truth is that despite its noninvasive, simple “one and done” promise, your results won’t be as significant or dramatic as with liposuction, which will provide you with quicker results than trying to treat multiple areas with CoolSculpting.


Patients who choose CoolSculpting often report bruising, swelling and redness, pain and stinging throughout treatment. Afterward, it’s common to experience aching, skin sensitivity, and more. These side effects can last up to two weeks after a treatment session.

While the typical 10% – 15% fat removal is permanent, it’s also likely that you’ll require multiple sessions to achieve your desired results, which can add up cost-wise, making it less cost-effective for many.

We Make Your Choice Easy!

Sapphire has been here for 12 years providing top-notch results with our very experienced, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Smith. Her method of choice for most patients is often BodyTite with tickle lipo.

This is the premier fat reduction choice at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics for many reasons, such as:

  • More effortless healing than laser liposuction or heat/cooled sculpted modalities
  • Minimally invasive and more effective than Coolsculpt
  • Great for chin, neck, arms, thighs, back, waist and abdomen
  • Better investment and more cost-effective overall

Even with all the great reasons listed above, you’ll need a personal consultation first.

Complimentary Body Sculpting Consultations in Plymouth, Wayzata and Minnepolis, Minnesota

If you’re struggling with your appearance due to unwanted stubborn fat deposits, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics. When you compare your body sculpting options, it’s easy to see that BodyTite with tickle lipo is the superior choice for almost every patient.

We’ll be sure to answer all your questions and help you to make the right decision, even if it’s a different procedure that fits your needs best. It’s our pleasure to create the most satisfying outcome for each patient, and we’re dedicated to taking care of you.

Start by coming for your complimentary consultation to meet with our expert staff and Dr. Smith, discuss your aesthetic goals, and confirm that it’s the perfect treatment for you. Contact us at 952-460-1970 or visit our contact page.