Fat Transfer, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift

The buttocks is often a place of cosmetic concern for men and women. Whether it’s the shape or size that makes you self-conscious, a butt that looks disproportional may detract from the contours of your body. You may feel hesitant about receiving surgery to augment your buttocks, but when exercise isn’t creating the results you are looking for, it may be the most beneficial solution.

When you think of surgery, you might assume that any results you receive will look and feel dramatic, but not all procedures create effects of such magnitude. At Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, Dr. Smith provides minimally invasive treatment options that enhance your body naturally. For the buttocks, Fat Transfer is a popular option for patients who desire subtle rejuvenation.

What Happens During Surgery?

Not everyone is born with a rear end that they love, but with a Fat Transfer, you can receive raised backside through minimally invasive techniques. The procedure involves only small incisions that allow Dr. Smith to inject fat into the buttocks. By extracting the fat from another region of the body — usually the thighs or abdomen — and adding it to the buttocks, you can receive a natural lifting effect.

A Fat Transfer, therefore, is a two-fold procedure, allowing you to remove unwanted and stubborn body fat from one area of the body and use it to enhance another. By undergoing a fat transfer procedure, you are improving the contours of your body.

To begin the surgery, Dr. Smith will make small incisions around the extraction site and use liposuction to remove the fat. Usually, liposuction requires general anesthesia to complete but we will warrant local anesthesia, which is much safer and inexpensive.

Once Dr. Smith removes the fat, she will place the fat cells into a centrifuge, which separates the most useful tissue for injection. Tiny cannulas are used to precisely administer the fat into the buttocks, and Dr. Smith will shape the injection site to produce a realistic shape.

The amount of fat and number of injections you receive will depend on your cosmetic goals along with the current proportions of your body. Dr. Smith will help you determine the best size and shape of your buttocks so that it looks lifted yet completely natural.

Are You a Candidate for a Fat Transfer?

Deciding that you would like to receive a Fat Transfer involves more than only achieving your cosmetic goals. Several health factors need to be considered before you undergo surgery.

Consulting with Dr. Smith will help you understand butt lift surgery and determine whether the procedure is right for you. Together, you and Dr. Smith will review your medical history and discuss your cosmetic goals for buttock enhancement.

Patients who are in good heath and who don’t smoke are ideal candidates for a Fat Transfer. They should also have realistic expectations for the procedure and have enough skin elasticity to accommodate the additional fat. Being at a healthy weight will also ensure that your results are long-lasting and remain prominent as well as a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Improving the curvature and silhouette of your buttocks is feasible through Fat Transfer surgery. You can learn more about the procedure and your candidacy by contacting Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics and scheduling a consultation with Dr. Smith.