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Facial rejuvenation through injectables, like Revanesse Versa™, can be a safe, simple, and effective process that can give you long-lasting results and help you to avoid more invasive procedures, in some cases, almost indefinitely. Revanesse Versa™, which uses a unique hyaluronic-acid formulation, is a new dermal filler that provides even greater benefits than comparable facial fillers. Its hyaluronic-acid-based formula gives your skin the boost it needs naturally while its fine, exceptionally uniform, and spherical particles give you very accurate, natural-looking, and long-lasting results. Find out more about what makes Versa™ a must-have facial rejuvenation treatment now.

What is Revanesse Versa™?

Revanesse Versa™ is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is highly effective in wrinkle reduction, including mild to moderate marionette lines and nasolabial folds; it is also effective under eye treatment and can help patients treat dreaded eye bags. Versa™ employs an advanced and proprietary hyaluronic-acid formulation, made possible by a unique “wet-milling” technology. The technique allows the manufacturer to capture only highly spherical hyaluronic-acid molecules; these molecules lead to enhanced volumizing effects with longer-lasting results when compared to other, similar products. Another advantage that Versa™ has over other treatments is that it produces much less swelling, leading to reduced downtime and faster results. Versa™ also delivers immediate, visible results that can last six months or even longer, making it a highly sought-after injectable treatment.

What are Versa™’s benefits?

Versa™ gives patients many advantages which they won’t find in any other product. Versa™ offers:

  • Natural-looking Results: Versa™’s homogenous consistency, achieved through the use of wet-milling technology, provides patients with results that look more smooth and offer greater volume than other fillers.
  • Long-lasting Results: Versa™ lasts longer in the body than other fillers, giving patients longer-lasting results. The highly uniform and consistent nature of the spherical particles that make up the filler is broken down by the body much more slowly over time; results are further extended due to the high molecular weight of the HA particles it uses.
  • Significantly-less Swelling: Versa™ has been clinically shown to produce up to 24 percent less swelling than other filler products, so patients can get back to their busy routines and enjoy their results much more quickly.
  • Accurate Results: Unlike other fillers, Versa™ is less affected by water in the body, which can impact a patient’s final results. Individuals who have Versa™ won’t fact these complications and will leave Dr. Smith’s offices with the results they see in the mirror immediately after their treatment.

What facial areas can Versa™ improve?

Versa™ gives patients relief from facial aging concerns in numerous ways. Patients with any of the following concerns should consider having a Versa™ treatment now:

  • Loss of facial volume leading to wrinkles and folds
  • Mild to moderate facial hollows and increased skin laxity
  • Loss of facial definition and contours
  • Increasingly dry or lifeless looking skin
  • Decreased facial balance and symmetry that is beginning to affect one’s mood

Versa™ alone can improve all of these common facial concerns; the product also works well as a part of a whole-face rejuvenation plan that can address an even wider array of symptoms. Discuss your aging concerns with Dr. Smith during your in-person consultation to build a personalized course of treatment that delivers comprehensive results.

Do I qualify for a Versa™ treatment?

Versa™ can help men and women of all ages and skin types achieve the level of facial rejuvenation they have been searching for. The treatment has few contraindications and little risk, making it safe for a wide variety of patients. To ensure you qualify, schedule your in-person consultation with Dr. Leslie Smith at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today. After a careful assessment of your symptoms and discussion of your goals, Dr. Smith will prepare a personalized course of treatment, including Versa™, the leading product of its kind on the market. During your consultation, you will have ample opportunities to ask questions, so you feel completely comfortable with your facial rejuvenation plan. You may even be able to have your treatment on the same day.

What results can Versa™ produce?

Some mild side effects from your Versa™ treatment are natural and may initially mask your results; these side effects are temporary, however, and subside quickly. You can expect some mild bruising and swelling where you have had Versa™, but these symptoms should not keep you from your usual activities and schedule. Women may use makeup if it makes them feel more comfortable. In the days following your Versa™ treatment, you will begin to notice your results already devel-oping, minimized wrinkles, smoother skin and improved skin tone and hydration. While results are long-lasting, you will need occasional touch-ups to maintain your look, and Dr. Smith can establish a schedule to ensure you continue to look good for a very long time.

Who do I see for my Versa™ consultation?

Through its state-of-the-art advances in filler manufacturing, Versa™ has revolutionized the quality, results, and longevity that patients can expect from filler treatments. Patients can enjoy an extremely natural look that very closely matches the desired outcome discussed during their consultation and which lasts longer than comparable fillers in most patients. Fortunately, access to this industry-leading filler is easy, too. Interested men and women can call Dr. Leslie Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today for their complimentary, in-person consultation.

At Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, patients can also explore a world of highly effective and non-invasive rejuvenation for the face and body that will well complement their Versa™ treatment. From preventative treatments to treatments targeted at eliminating more severe facial aging systems, individuals can find options to suit every concern and budget.

Best of all, patients can expect to have their treatment under the expert care of Dr.Leslie Smith. Dr. Smith has helped countless individuals achieve the results they have sought with the utmost safety and convenience. That’s why her patients continue to come back for additional treatments.

Call Dr. Leslie Smith at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today. You can reach her offices at (952) 460-1970. Don’t delay! Schedule your consultation now, so you can start looking your best immediately!