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Hair Restoration

Hair loss can have an emotional impact on both men and women, especially if it occurs at an early age. Dr. Smith provides compassionate and personalized care for hair loss that can restore your confidence in your appearance.

Fortunately, today’s advances in technology offer up a range of hair restoration systems that can naturally regenerate a fuller, healthier head of hair. The Selphyl fibrin matrix system that we offer at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics in Minneapolis makes the most of today’s technological advancements. The Selphyl system is the next generation in stimulating hair growth without the need for the transplantation of hair follicles. Dr. Smith is proud to offer this state-of-the-art hair restoration treatment system for women and men. There are compelling reasons why the Selphyl system is poised to become a top choice in non-surgical hair restoration today.

How Does the Selphyl System Work?

It is harvested from your blood, which is drawn and then put into a medical device called a centrifuge.

The Selphyl system, however, goes one step further in this separation process to increase the concentration of healing and growth factors. It lasts longer and has more of an impact than other hair treatments. 

Am I a candidate for the Selphyl system for hair restoration?

The best way to determine your candidacy for this type of treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith. While many patients will be considered successful candidates, there are certain types of hair loss that do not respond to the Selphyl system.

Typically, the best candidates are those who:

  • Are free from conditions like cancer, liver disease and other conditions
  • Are not on blood thinners
  • Are not prone to calcification at injection points
  • Do not excessively drink or smoke
  • Do not use drugs
  • Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved

It is essential to know precisely what you are signing up for, which is why we advise our patients to view before and after photos of this treatment and do ample amounts of reading on the topic. We are also available to answer any questions you may have. 

How Should I Prepare for Selphyl Treatment?

Selphyl hair treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning you won’t need to worry about extensive preparation. You will likely be given a list of preoperative instructions to follow before you have your procedure performed.

Following those instructions will improve your chances of having successful hair regrowth and a safe and healthy recovery. Let us know if you have any questions about what steps you should be taking at any point in the process.

What Should I Expect During a Selphyl Treatment?

Selphyl hair treatment is an extremely straightforward procedure that is generally finished in three steps. The first is to do a blood draw. This is typically done on your arm and will be similar to any blood draw you have done in the past.

Unlike other blood draws, the second step in the process is about separating the components of the blood. It will take about 10 to 20 minutes for the system to separate the blood. Once it is finished, the third and final step is to inject it into your thinning areas.

The entire procedure is typically performed with only local anesthetic — no general anesthesia or IV sedation is needed. 

What Should I Expect During Selphyl Treatment Recovery?

The standard Selphyl recovery is exceptionally light. You can return to your usual routines the same day, and there are no long-term lingering effects. You might experience minor soreness at the injection site, but this will mostly subside after a day or two of recovery.

How long do results last?

Most patients can expect to have noticeable improvement in their hair thickness and growth after several weeks or months. Because everyone’s blood and conditions are different, your specific treatment will be unique. 

How Much Does Hair Treatment Cost?

The average cost of our hair treatment can fall anywhere between $500 and $1,200 a session. A more precise estimate can be given to you during a consultation with Dr. Smith, who will be able to thoroughly examine your condition and the extent of correction that is needed. 

Keep in mind that the cost of your treatment is directly related to the skill and expertise of your physician, and while there are many “budget” practices that claim to offer the same treatment for a fraction of the cost, it usually means they are less trained and knowledgeable about how to achieve quality results. 

What Causes Thinning Hair?

There are many different causes of hair loss, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, supplements, radiation, stress or even environmental factors. Unfortunately, there is no vitamin or supplement you can take to stop hair thinning or baldness from occurring. 

before hair restoration treatment in Wayzata, Minnesota

before hair restoration treatment in Wayzata, Minnesota

Before any treatments

after hair restoration treatment in Wayzata, Minnesota

after hair restoration treatment in Wayzata, Minnesota

6 weeks after 1 treatment at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics

A healthy scalp sheds anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day. While this sounds like a significant number, an ongoing hair growth cycle maintains a full head of hair in spite of this daily hair loss. As the body ages, the processes that support cycles of hair growth start to slow down much like other systems in the body begin to decline.

One of the components involved in the hair growth cycle is a network of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. With age, these blood vessels weaken, and blood flow is not as robust as it was during the younger years. When this happens, hair may begin to thin out.

Around 80 million men and women in America experience male- or female-pattern baldness, according to Cleveland Clinic. In fact, about 50% of all men in the country will experience some form of hair thinning by the age of 50. 

There is comfort in company, but there is even more comfort in having a full head of hair and feeling confident. While there are some options available on the market, very few of these hair regrowth products offer reliable or noticeable results, which is why we are excited to offer Selphyl System’s fibrin matrix treatment to our patients.

Drawbacks of Traditional Hair Restoration Methods

FUE Hair Transplants

Dr. Smith has seen multiple patients who have gone through FUE hair transplants and not seen the results they were expecting. This is very common, as this expensive treatment does not address the root of the problem. Hair transplant procedures involve moving hair grafts from the back of the head to thinning areas along the scalp. If hair loss is considerable, multiple grafts will be needed to create a natural hair density in the affected area. Since the scalp can only handle so many hair grafts per centimeter, exceeding this limit increases the risk that the grafts will be lost.

Furthermore, inadequate blood supply to the thinning area is not addressed in this method, and this underlying condition can prove to be problematic during the hair transplant procedure. If the blood vessels are weak or dying off, the hair grafts won’t receive the oxygen and nutrients needed to thrive, exactly the same reason why hair growth has tapered off. Comparatively, using the Selphyl fibrin system is an economical and effective alternative that actually results in increased hair growth.

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics Patient Before, After 1 treatment, and After 3  Treatments.

hair restoration before and after


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Selphyl’s fibrin matrix system is a new and improved hair restoration treatment. If you’ve tried traditional therapies and seen unsatisfactory results, the Selphyl system may be a solution that will work for you. Dr. Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics provides personalized care for each patient and will take the time to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 952-460-1970 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith today.