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Exercise and diet both have a positive impact on helping you achieve your ideal body contours, but you may discover once you hit the target number on the scale that you still have a few isolated deposits of fat that still did not respond to your weight loss efforts. In the past, the only way to smooth out that profile was through surgical procedures like liposuction in Minneapolis, which involved anesthesia, incisions and a recovery period afterward. Today, nonsurgical methods are available to destroy fat cells, eliminate unsightly cellulite and slim your silhouette without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. Dr. Leslie Smith offers her patients in Wayzata and nearby locations the innovative Venus Concept device for this purpose.

Our Body Contouring Services in Minneapolis, MN include:

Body Contouring in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Venus Legacy for Body Contouring Overview

Venus Legacy is an innovative device that utilizes patented radio-frequency energy to produce changes in the tissue beneath the skin’s surface. This noninvasive body contouring treatment uses a revolutionary technology known as (MP)², which combines magnetic pulsing with multipolar radio-frequency energy to target multiple tissue depths at one time. The device breaks down isolated areas of fat to produce a slimmer, smoother profile. At the same time, the energy increases circulation and collagen production within the dermal structure to create firmer, healthier skin and a superior result in body shaping.

The changes produced by the Venus Legacy device also make this an excellent choice for cellulite treatment. By combining subtle fat reduction with skin rejuvenation, we can minimize the dimpled appearance that is a frequent bane of women around the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Cellulite may affect as many as 90 percent of all women at some point in their lives, and the ability to treat the problem without invasive procedures is a significant advantage for our patients at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics.

Venus Legacy is effective on any skin type and tone and the procedure is relatively painless compared to surgical options. No anesthesia is required, and patients may resume their daily activities right away. Patients typically require a series of treatment sessions to achieve their full aesthetic goals and Dr. Smith can advise you on how many appointments you may need to reach your desired results at your initial consultation.

Body Shaping Benefits of Venus Legacy

There are multiple reasons why Venus Legacy might be the right body contouring procedure for you:

  • No incisions, anesthesia or downtime are associated with this treatment
  • Most sessions take around 30 minutes to complete, although more extensive areas like the abdomen might take longer
  • The technology used reduces fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite while firming the skin for a superior result overall
  • The treatment may be used on any skin type and tone, as well as any area of the body to produce the desired results
  • Full results are achieved after a series of treatment sessions and maintenance sessions will help you keep your new look indefinitely

At Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, we want to be sure our patients get the treatments that suit their needs and aesthetic goals best. We will evaluate you and your body contouring goals carefully to ensure Venus Legacy is the right procedure for you to ensure you reap all the benefits this innovative treatment offers. If Venus Legacy will not produce the best outcome for you, we do offer a variety of additional body contouring options so that we can tailor your treatment to your precise needs.

How does it Work

Venus Legacy is a noninvasive method of body contouring that enhances your shape through a variety of ways. First, the RF energy delivered by the device, combined with the magnetic pulsating action, breaks up isolated pockets of fat so excess fat cells can be eliminated by the body’s processes. At the same time, the heat emitted by the energy stimulates circulation to produce a radiant glow as more nutrients are carried to the dermal layers. Finally, the technology has a significant impact on the health and appearance of the skin, stimulating much-needed collagen for a thicker, smoother and healthier look, as well as a reduction in the look of cellulite.

Body Contouring FAQs

What does Venus Legacy do?

Venus Legacy is an innovative treatment that combines RF energy with magnetic pulsating action to deliver heat to the internal dermal structure. At the same time, the energy breaks up unwanted fat pockets while smoothing and firming skin, for a reduction in cellulite and a smoother, slimmer body contour overall. The procedure is noninvasive and can easily be performed over a lunch hour.

What areas can Venus Legacy be used to treat?

Venus Legacy can be used to contour any area of the body where skin laxity, cellulite or isolated fat deposits are a problem. Frequent treatment areas include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back, and upper arms. Clinical studies have shown a consistent circumference reduction when Venus Legacy is used on the abdomen and hip areas.

How long does the treatment take?

When Venus Legacy is used for body contouring, the treatments may take a bit longer than they do for skin tightening in the face, primarily due to the larger treatment areas that are addressed during these procedures. Most treatments will take no longer than 40 minutes, however. Since no anesthetic is required, there is no extended time before the treatment and patients can resume their daily functions immediately after leaving our office.

Is it uncomfortable?

Venus Legacy is a comfortable treatment that many patients compare to a warm massage. You should also not feel any significant discomfort after your procedure that would prohibit you from any of your daily activities.

What are the side effects?

Because Venus Legacy is not an invasive procedure, any side effects experienced during and after treatment are relatively mild and short-lived. You may experience a warming sensation as the hand-piece works, which could lead to some slight pinkness or swelling after the session. These symptoms typically subside within a matter of hours and never last more than a few days at the most.

How many treatments will I need?

Body contouring with the Venus Legacy takes a few treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. In most cases, eight to 10 appointments will produce the outcome our patients want. Improvements will continue for up to four months as collagen production increases and treated fat cells are flushed out of the body. Once you achieve your final look, an occasional touch-up procedure should help to maintain your new body profile.

Venus Legacy is safe, noninvasive and effective in producing subtle body contouring enhancement and improvements to skin laxity and cellulite. To learn more about this innovative procedure, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics at 952-460-1970, or request a consultation online today.