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Looking for a way to turn back time without an invasive surgical procedure? Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is thrilled to introduce the unique and innovative Nova Volume and Lift procedure. This is a cost-effective, safe, and zero-downtime way to improve and rejuvenate the face and neck.

For patients with mild to moderate signs of aging like skin laxity and the appearance of facial lines, a less invasive Nova Volume Lift may be a good solution. Also known as a “thread” lift, this procedure restores a youthful profile to the lower third of the face without large incisions or an extended recovery period afterward.

If you are considering facial rejuvenation, but are concerned about the invasive surgery and long recovery time, this procedure is a fantastic choice. It is quick, effective and safe for women and men who want to avoid the prohibitive cost, downtime, or risk of a full, traditional facelift, with its potential for permanent asymmetry or disfiguration. The Nova Volume and Lift is administered via injection and is absorbable within 4 to 6 months. It is hypoallergenic and not painful. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and it can be injected in areas of the face that Botox and filler cannot access.

Dr. Leslie Smith is a board-certified surgeon of 19 years. Dr. Smith believes in this product so much, in fact, that her own mother was among Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics’ first patients to receive the new Nova Volume and Lift. Her mother is delighted with her outcome and excellent results.


Nova Volume Lift Overview

The Nova Volume Lift is a non-surgical option to the traditional facelift for some patients. This procedure works underneath the skin’s surface, using medical-grade threads to shore up the underlying skin structure, eliminate sagging skin and create a smoother, more youthful facial profile. The procedure has been used successfully in the medical realm for a number of years and now shows its value as a cosmetic procedure as well.


The Nova Volume Lift can be performed right in our Minneapolis office using local anesthesia. The threads are delivered into the skin structure using a hypodermic needle, so no incisions are needed and no visible scarring is left behind. The procedure generally takes about 30 minutes to complete and patients are able to return to regular activities right away. There may be some mild bruising and swelling after the procedure, but these generally subside within a few days.

Long-Lasting Results

Most patients will see results from their Nova Volume Lift in the months following treatment. The threads are designed to be absorbed by the body over time, allowing the body’s own collagen production to maintain the natural results.

While the results of a Nova Volume Lift are not permanent, they can be very long lasting. Many patients enjoy positive results for 12-18 months before they start to see skin laxity and movement of facial muscles and tissue once again. Plus, the procedure stimulates collagen production which over time, will minimize skin laxity and lines the more you have it done.

The results of the Lift can also be further enhanced with additional procedures like our Twist and Smooth threads that create volume when used with the Lift threads.

Best Candidates

While the Nova Volume Lift offers numerous benefits to the right patients, it isn’t right for everyone. This procedure is primarily recommended for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging. Patients with significant skin sagging and deep facial creases will likely not see satisfactory results without a surgical lift procedure. The Nova Volume Lift is an effective way to turn back time in patients with mild to moderate signs of skin aging. The procedure is quick, minimally-invasive and produces long-lasting results.

The Nova Volume and Lift is for anyone age 30 to 65, and even perfect for people who want to rejuvenate a prior facelift. The Nova Volume and Lift can help address many problem areas such as crow’s feet around the eyes, laugh lines, marionette lines in the mid and lower face, jowl lines and neck wrinkles. Contact us today to see what it can do for YOU!


When you have your Nova Volume Lift performed by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Smith, the procedure can be customized to your specific needs. This means the thread placement and the number of threads used will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Smith will work closely with you to ensure she has a full understanding of your cosmetic goals before performing your procedures to ensure your results meet your expectations.

Call us today to learn more about this zero-downtime, affordable, procedure that enhances a youthful appearance immediately, continues to improve over several weeks to several months and lasts up to 1.2 years.