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Patient Testimonials for Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics


“Okay so I was hesitant at first, but had the tickle lipo and my results are incredible. Dr. Smith was the best in explaining how it works and what I can expect after treatment. Her whole team was friendly and professional. Hands down the best liposuction in Minneapolis!!! Highly recommend!”


I am 6 weeks post-op from my tickle lipo procedure of my abdomen I am down 2 pants sizes and 6 3/4 inches and actually have nice looking curves.  Thank you for making me feel good about myself, something I have not been able to do in a very long time.


I honestly can’t say enough good about Dr Smith and her staff! They are wonderful people who truly care about their patients and what’s best for them. They have gone above and beyond what I expected in my care. I grew up as the ‘biggest’ of 4 sisters and have always had poor self esteem. I chose to have lipo to jump start my new healthy life and have gained confidence that I haven’t ever had before! I have been to other spas for other procedures, but will only use and recommend Sapphire in the future! Thank you again for all you have done for me!


Dr. Smith performed liposuction for me. The difference in before and after is now very dramatic and much improved. I am so happy with Dr. Smith’s work. I recommend that men come see Dr. Smith for their cosmetic surgery needs. She is fabulous at sculpting the torso and chest. I look and feel 30 years younger.


Dr. Smith is an incredible physician and is extremely knowledgeable with decades of surgical experience. I decided to have my first tickle liposuction procedure with her because I know I can rely on her abilities as a surgeon.She has a calm bedside manner and has a genuine concern for her patients. For example, she provides augmented procedures as a gift to ensure optimal results for her patients. She definitely goes above and beyond to keep you as informed, relaxed and comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith as a surgeon with great expertise and a gentle demeanor.


Dr Leslie Smith did liposuction on my abdomen, hips and chin, and a mini-abdominalplasty; all with local anesthesia. I was very comfortable during the procedure and recovery was quick with very little discomfort. The bruising and swelling were minimal and I resumed normal activities within a few days. Although I felt a little anxious, Dr Smith and staff quickly put me at ease with their TLC. I am so glad that I had these procedures done and am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr Smith and her staff to anyone looking to make improvements on how they feel about themselves.


After having profractional laser treatments to my face, my skin is so smooth, the redness, the scars and sun spots are gone! I have had so many compliments from family and friends on how fantastic my skin looks!


I want to thank you again. While I was slightly apprehensive about the procedure, your kind nature and attention to detail made me feel confident and welcomed in your facility. I have never known a doctor to take such care and excellence on a personal basis with patients. The procedure went smooth, and recovery is coming along well.

The day after surgery, I was sore, but I was able to move and needed little pain medication. The wound weeping subsided at about 10am that morning and I was able to take a walk down by the lake.

On the third day, I continued with the bioron, and also restarted my other homeopathic regimen from my previous procedures (picture attached). I decided to take an honest look this morning as to the progress. I am aware that I will not see full results for many weeks, but the progress to date is amazing. I took two photos.

I have inflammation, and bruising, but the area is looking fantastic. I am now using a combination of an antibiotic with a taggederm over the entry site to increase repair, and decrease scarring with moist wound healing.

Three weeks prior to the surgery, I started using a skin renewing body lotion with Collagen Elastin, Shea butter and vitamins. I have begun using this again in the morning after my shower and letting it dry thoroughly before putting on my garment.

I am excited to see full results, and wear clothing that had sense been put in boxes because the lump on my stomach was too visible.


“You going to do what while I am awake?” Little did I know what good hands I was in with Dr. Smith. The is cutting edge technology in the hands of a true master Thank you Dr. Smith.


Dr. Smith and the staff at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics were very professional. I felt quite comfortable throughout the whole procedure and am thrilled with the results! It is nice to see my jeans fit me in a more flattering way.


So it has been one week since my procedure, and the results thus-far are stunning to say the least (the last picture below shows it best). The swelling is starting to subside, and the bruising is healing up nicely. The entry wounds have healed up beautifully and without any trouble. No complications whatsoever. You’re amazing.


Liposuction has been life changing for me! It is AMAZING. Would I do it again? I would do it again and again and again! It gave me back my self confidence.


After having a micro laser peel looking in the mirror I notice the positives instead of the negatives.


I have had acne scars since being a teen and if you ever have had acne scarring you understand that it is more than skin deep. The profractional and micro laser peels are smoothing my skin and repairing thirty year of sun damage and scarring. I am continuing treatment and appreciating the gradual improvements.