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What Is Volbella?

What Is Volbella in Minneapolis, Minnesota?Like any region of the face, the lips can become prone to natural aging, with the development of perioral lines making the lips and face appear older. A lack of volume around the lips may also be a result of heredity and require lip augmentation to improve your natural pout.

Injectable treatment is arguably the most popular method for enhancing the lips, and at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, we offer Juvederm Volbella XC to increase lip fullness.

Volbella is a dermal filler comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA) — a carbohydrate found naturally within your body. HA is responsible for maintaining moisture within your skin and is a fundamental component of dermal fillers as it helps restore volume to areas that are lacking fullness due to age.

Volbella is different, however, because if its concentration of HA. Whereas other dermal fillers contain greater amounts of HA, Volbella contains fewer HA molecules than other fillers, allowing your injector to produce an aesthetic that is subtle in its improvement. Volbella also uses Vycross technology to evenly distribute each molecule and produce results that look completely natural. It’s the only filler capable of addressing delicate lines around the lips.

Rather than create overfilled lips that project outward from the face, Volbella adds softness while also filling the lips to an ideal shape and size. With your cosmetic goals in mind, Dr. Smith will create a treatment plan that addresses your unique characteristics.

Can Volbella Treatment Work for You?

Whether or not treatment with Volbella is right for you is a matter of scheduling a consultation at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics. Dr. Smith or our aesthetician can assess the degree of facial aging impacting your skin and determine whether injectable treatment can help. When evaluating the structure of the lips specifically, we closely consider their unique curvature and create a treatment regimen designed for your facial aesthetic.

Volbella is ideal for those who are experiencing lines around the mouth and who desire a more plump pout to their lips. Dr. Smith and our aesthetician will ensure that the results you receive look completely natural and complement the current contours of your face.

What Results Can You Expect?

The number of units you receive will depend on the level of augmentation that you desire. Undergoing treatment with Volbella is relatively painless due to small amounts of lidocaine present within each injection.

Immediately after your treatment session, you will experience some swelling and tenderness at the injection sites. In a matter of hours, however, any side effects will dissipate.

Although Volbella is the longest-lasting lip filler currently on the market — maintaining results for up to 18 months — you will require re-treatment as your body will metabolize the injectable over time. Many patients prefer the temporary nature of Volbella because it allows them to customize their treatment and create the aesthetic that they prefer.

If you would like to learn more about Volbella along with the ways in which it can improve the contours of your lips, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics at 952-460- 1970 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith or our aesthetician.