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More Men Are Turning to BOTOX

More Men Are Turning to BotoxAlthough it may happen in different stages, the natural aging process affects everyone. Regardless of your gender, you will begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead over the years.

Aging is a part of life, and it’s nothing to be intimidated by, but it’s also not unconventional for you to desire treatments that will help you look younger. For men, in particular, finding solutions may be a challenge, especially in a market geared toward women. But just like everyone who experiences natural signs of aging, you deserve to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Botox is an injectable treatment option that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In a series of quick injections, you can reduce the qualities that are making you appear older.

More men are turning to Botox due to its minimally invasive nature and subtle results. Rather than worry about whether you will look overworked after receiving cosmetic treatment, you can rest assured that Botox will produce natural results.

Can Botox Work for You?

The best way to determine whether Botox is a viable treatment option is to schedule a consultation at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics. Once there, you can discuss your cosmetic concerns with Dr. Smith and go over the treatment options that may be able to help.

If you are exhibiting crow’s feet along your eyes or forehead lines across your head, then Botox may be the most successful method without undergoing surgery. Because the injection targets the muscles responsible for creating unwanted wrinkles, you should regain a natural smoothness to your skin using Botox.

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

Once you have decided that Botox is the right treatment method for your needs, you can schedule a time to receive your injections. Based on the depth of your wrinkles as well as their location, Dr. Smith will prescribe a set amount of units to help improve the quality of your skin.

For crow’s feet and forehead lines, your procedure will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, and treatment takes place right within Dr. Smith’s office. Although you may experience some mild swelling and redness around the injection site, you should not have any side effects from Botox.

You may start to notice results within 48 hours of receiving treatment, but most patients will see complete results after two or three weeks. To achieve optimal results, it will be beneficial for you to schedule touch up appointments until you are satisfied with the texture of your skin.

Botox, when used to treat the forehead and eyes, is expected to last upwards of four months, at which point you will return to Dr. Smith’s office for re-treatment. As you continue to use Botox, you will find that your muscles grow accustomed to the procedure and require fewer injections over time.

If you are ready to get rid of you facial wrinkles, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics at 952- 460-1970 and schedule a consultation.