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Tickle Me Lipo

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One of the greatest inventions to happen in cosmetic surgery was once thought to be liposuction. It was groundbreaking. It offered both men and women an option to get rid of excess skin and stubborn fat that would not go away with diet and exercise. There are downsides to traditional liposuction, such as general anesthesia, open wounds and the recovery time needed.

Have you been interested in liposuction but have hesitated because of its invasive nature? Tickle Lipo, an advanced and breakthrough lipo procedure at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, may be right for you. If you are interested, see for yourself why Tickle Lipo is called “the Lipo Procedure of the Future.” Tickle Lipo is one of the latest lipo procedures, and it’s getting a lot of attention because it delivers incredible results with virtually no downtime.

Dr. Leslie Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is one of a handful of cosmetic doctors in Minneapolis trained in the Tickle Lipo procedure. Continue reading below to find out more about this groundbreaking new treatment.

What is Tickle Lipo?

Tickle Lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat and sculpts areas of your body. The technique is the latest fat removal and body sculpting procedure to be approved by the FDA.

The name comes from the tickling sensation that patients say they experience during surgery. Developed in Europe and internationally known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), Tickle Lipo can be performed in just one to two hours.

How is it Different?

Tickle Lipo differs from traditional liposuction in many ways. With Tickle Lipo, no general anesthesia is necessary. Local anesthesia is delivered via the cannula that is used to remove fat. The absence of general anesthesia results in a shorter procedure, typically lasting 1-2 hours; this can mean a lower overall cost as well. Patients experience little or no discomfort. In fact, just a tickling sensation is usually reported.

How Does It Work?

Tickle Lipo is a minimally invasive treatment performed in Dr. Smith’s Wayzata cosmetic treatment center under local anesthesia.

1. Before the procedure, you and Dr. Smith will discuss the areas to be treated, as well as your suitability for the procedure.
2. Dr. Smith will make a small incision in the treatment area and infuse the area with a numbing tumescent fluid.
3. Next, Dr. Smith will insert a micro-cannula ( a tube that will be used to suction fat).
4. The patented cannula rotates and vibrates independently, making it more gentle and easier to break apart and remove fat from the body.
5. Because Dr. Smith can see changes in the curves of the body as they’re taking place, she can deliver more precise results.
6. When Dr. Smith has achieved the desired shape, she will remove the cannula. The incision is so small that no sutures are needed.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Dr. Smith uses Tickle Lipo to treat almost any area of the body including the:

• Neck
• Back
• Ankles
• Stomach
• Chest/breast (male only)
• Buttocks
• Hips
• Abdomen
• Chin

Advantages to Tickle Lipo

Proponents tout many benefits, including:

• Less swelling and bruising.
• Outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.
• Little to no downtime.
• Safe, no heat technology.
• Permanently reduces fat cells.
• Ideal treatment for high definition body sculpting.
• Even skin tightening and toning.

Who is a Candidate for Tickle Lipo?

Anyone who is in general good health, wants a firmer body and has good skin elasticity is a good candidate for this procedure. Good skin elasticity in recommended because, with a lack of heat, there is less collagen stimulation.

What is Recovery Like?

Recovery is very swift. You can resume normal activities in one to a few days. You will be advised not exercise for a few weeks afterward and to stay out of hot tubs for at least a week.

What Will the Results Be Like?

Results are different for everyone. In most cases, you will notice a more toned and slimmer treatment area almost immediately. The majority of patients see full results in just a few months, with some noticing results in as little as a month.

Will Fat Come Back to the Treatment Areas?

Fat cells are permanently removed during Tickle Lipo. For best results, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle after Tickle Lipo.

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