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What to Expect with Fat Transfer Treatment

If you are hoping to enhance the appearance of your buttocks, a fat transfer procedure can be the perfect cosmetic solution for you. This treatment uses fat from a different part of your body to give you a shapely rear end.

With any medical procedure, patients can be nervous about what the process will entail. Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics offers consultation appointments to address any questions or concerns about their treatment. Dr. Leslie Smith, a cosmetic physician in Minneapolis, MN, describes what you can expect before, during, and after fat transfer treatment.

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Who Can Get a Fat Transfer?

You will likely schedule a consultation with your physician about a fat transfer because you would like to create a more prominent shape for your buttocks. Your cosmetic physician can discuss your aesthetic goals with you and review your medical history to determine if a fat transfer is the best way to achieve your ideal look.

If you are in good health, you are likely a great candidate for this butt lift procedure. A balanced diet and regular exercise can ensure you are feeling and looking your best before this surgery, which can lead to better and longer-lasting results.

What is the Procedure Like?

The first part of the fat transfer procedure involves removing fat cells from an area of your body where it is unwanted. The doctor will use liposuction to remove these cells, placing them into a centrifuge.

This machine separates the ideal tissue for injection back into your body. The doctor will make small incisions to the designated areas of your behind. Tiny tubes administer the fat cells into the buttocks. You will be able to return home directly after your procedure.

What Results Can I Anticipate?

Patients notice bruising, swelling, and soreness in the affected areas after their procedure which should fade quickly. Your doctor will ask you to wear compression garments over the areas where fat was taken from the body to help the healing process.

You will not be able to sit on the affected buttocks for approximately eight weeks after a fat transfer procedure to avoid lowering the risk of survival of the added fat cells. A donut pillow can limit direct pressure to this area if necessary.

Fat Transfer and Body Contouring in Minneapolis, MN

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics offers fat transfer treatment and other body contouring procedures to patients in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Smith also specializes in facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, liposuction, and more. To get a complimentary consultation, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 952.232.5654.