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Expected Benefits with Hair Restoration

Patients with thinning or balding hair can find cosmetic enhancement from a qualified physician. Hair loss affects millions of Americans of all genders, and medical treatment is available.

This treatment can be a lengthy process, but its long-lasting effects can be worth the time and patience. Dr. Leslie Smith, a cosmetic surgeon in Minneapolis, MN, further explains the benefits you can anticipate with hair restoration treatment for both men and women.

hair restoration benefits in Minneapolis Minnesota

Enhanced Appearance

Hair restoration treatment is a cosmetic enhancement procedure, so for many patients, improving their appearance is a strong motivator for this course. If an individual is dissatisfied with the way they look if they are balding, they can find relief and contentment with restored natural hair.

Dr. Smith’s hair loss treatment encourages continuous natural growth for thicker, healthier hair. The gratification of growing your own hair once again can be a huge weight off of a patient’s shoulders.

Decreased Maintenance

This hair loss treatment requires little recovery, meaning you do not have to schedule extensive downtime following your procedures. You can continue your daily activities with little interference.

Once the treatment is complete and your hair growth improves, you can exert less energy on your appearance. If you have felt the need to obscure your hair if it was thinning, you do not have to make the effort to do so any longer after hair restoration treatment.

You can cut the time in your daily routine with natural-looking hair that you can trust to look its best without hiding. Your doctor may recommend aftercare treatment directly following your procedure, but your hair can be treated normally after this time.

Boosted Confidence

With satisfaction in your appearance and trust in your hair restored, you can notice a boost in confidence in yourself. This confidence can carry over into other aspects of your life.

If you no longer feel the need to hide your hair, you can feel more comfortable in your skin, which can improve interpersonal relationships, your attitude in the workplace, and your general approach to life. The positive impact this can have on your overall wellbeing is priceless.

Hair Restoration for Men and Women in Minneapolis

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics offers hair restoration treatment for both men and women in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Smith also specializes in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and other cosmetic treatments. To schedule a consultation with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 952.232.5654.