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The Right Age for Botox

As Minnesota’s premier cosmetic treatment center, Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics specializes in nonsurgical and minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement. In our office, Botox is one of the most sought-after treatments. It is most effective as part of an ongoing treatment plan including various preventative measures to anticipate, fight, and reverse signs of aging.getting botox in minneapolis, minnesota

We look at the condition of your skin to determine if Botox in Minneapolis is right or you, rather than making universal treatment recommendations based on age group. We know effective care is personalized care.

Botox in Your 20s

More women and men are getting preventative Botox than in previous years, and the results are speaking for themselves. Unless you developed prominent frown lines early on, you might not need Botox for wrinkle correction in your 20s. However, there are benefits to starting Botox treatment early, even before wrinkles have become a serious concern.

Facial lines get deeper and deeper with age. Neutralizing overactive muscles at an early stage can cut down on the stress put on your skin in key areas, thereby reducing the risk of developing severe creases in those areas. This proactive approach is popularly known as “preventative Botox” or “baby Botox”.

In your 20s, your treatment may start by injecting small amounts of Botox around the eye area to deliver a more awake appearance or proactively treat areas where facial expressions, smoking, and sun exposure are likely to take a toll first. Smaller amounts of Botox are used in each session. You may also need less Botox in the years to come, since beginning Botox treatments at a younger age likely means you will have fewer wrinkles to treat as you get older. The treated muscles may also weaken with time, so you can achieve beautiful results using less product and you don’t have to schedule appointments as frequently.

Additional Uses for Botox

Beyond needing Botox for wrinkle correction or prevention, many people benefit from its additional uses. Botox is commonly used for other aesthetic enhancements as well as medical treatments.

For those prone to raising their upper lip high above their teeth while smiling, Botox relaxes the underlying muscle to achieve a more balanced, less gummy smile. If your eyebrows don’t have the high, defined arches of your dreams, Botox can subtly lift them without the need for invasive surgery. Strategically injecting Botox around your mouth can enhance the shape and fullness of your upper lip as an alternative to dramatic fillers. Botox can also relax prominent masseter muscles in the lower jaw, creating a slimmer, smoother, v-shaped jawline.

Botox injections have a variety of therapeutic applications. For example, Botox has been found to be beneficial in combating migraines, eyelid spasms, crossed eyes, bladder dysfunction, and cervical dystonia.

Botox in Your 30s

There’s no set date when you should begin Botox. Starting early can cut future costs and reduce the level of treatment needed to ensure the same results. Failing to be proactive with treatment and your overall beauty routine can often lessen the efficacy in the future due to significant loss of collagen. The 30s are an ideal time to start Botox if you didn’t have preventative treatments in your 20s.

In your 30s, you can effectively target the onset of pronounced forehead lines, crow’s feet, or undereye damage. Widening your eyes by lifting the arches of your eyebrows may be part of your treatment plan to enhance the overall expression of your face. Special consideration may be made for those with fair skin who are prone to additional sun damage or poor elasticity around the eyes. Bring in your questions to your consultation, so we can get started on the most effective strategy for your skincare goals.

Botox in Your 40s

There aren’t many people who couldn’t benefit from Botox once they reach the age of 40. Since wrinkles become more pronounced during this decade, a progressive treatment plan may be appropriate to maintain a smooth facial expression. Dr. Smith can adjust the number of units you receive per session to ensure you continue to achieve the desired degree of correction for your frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. Finding a reliable clinic with an experienced injector is essential to assure the best results without creating a frozen face.

Botox in Your 50s

Although your face may be showing the signs of its age, refreshed and vibrant looking skin is still possible. Regular Botox treatments can continue to tighten and rejuvenate your skin, helping to give you a naturally beautiful and polished complexion.

Volume loss can be considerable during this decade, necessitating a more comprehensive treatment plan to meet your goals. Dr. Smith may recommend combining your Botox treatments with dermal fillers like Juvederm, a collagen stimulator like Radiesse, or a Silhouette InstaLift to improve your results.

As an alternative to a facelift, thread lifts can temporarily suspend sections of skin along the jawline. Sutures are used to generate visible lift in sagging jowls and cheeks to tighten the surrounding skin. This accelerates collagen production in targeted areas by kickstarting the body’s natural healing response.

When complementary treatments are paired together, it builds volume and restores the structural integrity of your face that has been compromised during the aging process. These treatments represent a noninvasive solution to hone your natural contours, smooth fine lines, and renew the youthfulness of your expression.

Discover Beautiful Skin at Any Age With Botox in Minneapolis

Our Botox treatments are meant to give patients a fresh perspective on their best natural look. We achieve noticeably brighter and revived skin to restore confidence in your features at every age.

With over a decade of medical and cosmetic experience, Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics offers a comprehensive range of advanced procedures. We’re committed to using the latest innovations in cosmetic technology to deliver elite care and guide clients through their personal aesthetic journey, according to their individualized goals.

Dr. Leslie Smith is an internationally renowned soft tissue specialist and board-certified surgeon she is recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Minnesota for her minimally-invasive treatments and procedure. Call (952) 460-1970 or contact us online to schedule your complimentary consultation.