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Facial Rejuvenation This New Year

After the end of a pretty harsh year, it’s especially tempting to start 2021 with a fresh start. At Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, we recommend Minneapolis facial rejuvenation to start your new year off right. Dr. Leslie Smith explains the effects and benefits of Revanesse Versa™.facial rejuvenation in minneapolis

About Revanesse Versa™

Revanesse Versa™ is a particular dermal filler that utilizes hyaluronic acid. It’s designed to take on tough wrinkles, particularly those that form around the nose and mouth, as well as being useful to minimize eye bags. Revanesse Versa™ is unique in the proprietary technology they use in the filler. It’s known as “wet-milling” and involves capturing the hyaluronic molecules that are highly spherical, providing the best possible results.

Why Choose Revanesse Versa™ for Facial Rejuvenation?

There are many features in this particular dermal filler that you can’t get from any others. It starts with their wet-milling technology, ensuring that you get the best of the hyaluronic acid molecules offered. Since they’re ensuring the most spherical molecules, it means they can fill out wrinkles better than others. You get more volume and smoother results.

Another enticing feature is that the effects of this filler last longer than others. For many dermal fillers, the impacts last around 3-4 months. With Revanesse Versa™, you get six months or more of lasting effects. With the particles being more uniform and consistent, it takes the body longer to break down these molecules. These effects are helped by the fact that the particles have a high molecular weight.

Finally, Revanesse Versa™ gives you more accurate results and you’ll have less swelling. The formula used is less susceptible to the water in your body. With Revanesse Versa™, you have up to 24% less swelling. Less swelling means that you can have a shorter downtime and get back to your usual routine quicker.

Who Can Benefit From Revanesse Versa™?

Revanesse Versa™ is suitable for both men and women looking to take care of a variety of cosmetic facial concerns. It’s adept at taking care of a loss of facial volume that can lead to wrinkles and hollows in your facial structure. You may lose the definition in your face and your skin can be dry and lifeless. As we age, our faces may become more asymmetrical, which can impact how we see ourselves.

Before any cosmetic procedure, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Smith. Every patient is different, so every patient deserves a customized treatment plan. She’ll talk to you about your medical history, cosmetic goals, and any treatment options you’re interested in. It’s important to make sure you’re an ideal candidate for each specific treatment, whether you’re getting just one or just as a part of a full facial rejuvenation plan.

Facial Rejuvenation in Minneapolis

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