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What is Venus Concept?

Treating loose skin is easier than ever before, thanks to the innovative Venus Concept  treatment. Using a combination of multipolar radiofrequency and magnetic pulses to constrict skin and tissue for a tighter, firmer appearance in the treatment area. With no need for anesthesia or downtime and the ability to treat nearly any area of the body, it is no wonder Venus Concept is poised to become one of the most popular methods of non-surgical skin tightening. The treatment is now available at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, offering Minneapolis patients the chance to effectively turn back the clock without incisions or anesthesia.

The Power of Heat

The radiofrequency energy delivered by Venus Concept sends a uniform matrix of heat to the underlying dermal layers, which constricts tissue and stimulates the body’s own collagen production. Collagen is a protein manufactured by the body that gives skin its smooth, supple appearance. As we age, we produce less collagen, which leads to loose skin. By restoring collagen levels, we can also restore a youthful appearance naturally.

The magnetic pulses work with the radiofrequency energy to encourage cell turnover and promote healthy circulation in the treatment area. This further enhances the transformation to firmer, more youthful skin.

Treatment Options

Venus Concept is an effective skin tightening procedure for the following areas:

  • Neck and jawline, addresses the double chin and turkey wattle
  • Upper arms that tend to develop the bat wing look
  • Abdomen and midsection, where loose skin occurs after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Thighs and buttocks, reducing the appearance of cellulite as well as loose skin

When you come in for your appointment, we will discuss your specific concerns and aesthetic goals to determine whether Venus Concept is the best choice for you.

Comfortable Procedure, No Downtime

When you come in for your Venus Concept treatment, we will begin by applying a thin coat of gel to the treatment area that allows the handheld applicator to glide more smoothly across the skin. The applicator delivers the magnetic pulses and radiofrequency energy to the treatment area. Patients do not feel any pain during the procedure; in fact, some patients find the treatment to be rather relaxing.

Most treatments take between 15-30 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. After the procedure, you will be able to return to your regular activities right away. There is no discomfort or other side effects following treatment, so no one will know you just had a cosmetic procedure performed.

Natural, Long-Lasting Results

Results will be seen after your very first treatment session, although most patients will need a series of Venus Concept treatments to achieve their full results. You will see progressive improvements after each treatment session, with smoother, firmer skin and a visible reduction of cellulite if that was a concern. Once you have achieved your full results, you should only require a maintenance treatment every few months to maintain your positive results indefinitely.

Venus Concept is still a relatively new treatment option that is not available through many physicians to date. Dr. Smith at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is one of the few to offer this procedure in the Minneapolis area. To learn more, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today at 952-460-1970.