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How Much is Botox?

Botox is one of the most common anti-aging treatments performed today, in part because of the value it offers. Botox injections tend to run less than other types of cosmetic procedures that promise to smooth away wrinkles and refresh the complexion. However, Botox does come with a price tag of a few hundred dollars in most cases, making it important for patients to understand exactly how the price is assessed for this procedure. This list of factors that can affect the price of Botox will be helpful as you shop for the greatest value for your procedure.

Unit vs. Area

The cost of Botox may be assessed one of two ways. The first is a charge per unit. Botox comes in vials that consist of 50 or 100 units. Most patients will require an average of 50 units to treat all of the aging lines around the forehead and eyes. The cost per unit can vary, ranging from around $10 to $15.

Other physicians charge for their Botox treatments by the area treated. For example, they may have a set rate for the horizontal creases across the forehead or the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. When a physician charges for Botox by the area, it is important for the patient to find out how many units will be used during the treatment. This ensures the amount of Botox used will be sufficient to get the results the patient is hoping for.

Factors that Affect Price

Whether a physician charges by the unit or the area treated, the cost can vary based on two key factors:

  • The experience of the injector
  • The geographical location of the physician

While you can’t do much to change your geographical location, you can take the experience of the injector into consideration when selecting your Botox provider. However, choosing a less experienced provider in order to save some money may not offer you the best value in the long run. While Botox is a commonly performed procedure, it takes a degree of expertise in facial anatomy and knowledge of precisely where to place the injections to achieve the best possible results. There are also some risks associated with Botox, which will be greatly reduced by selecting an injector that is very experienced in the procedure.

In addition to experience, you want to select a reputable physician that provides high-quality Botox injections. Some clinics that offer special rates on Botox are able to do so because they dilute the medication or simply use less of the medication to treat each area. In addition to affecting how you look after your Botox injections, these practices can also produce results that do not last as long. Most Botox injections last 3-4 months before another treatment is needed. If an insufficient amount or a diluted formulation is used, results may only last for a couple of months before the medication starts to wear off.

Finding Savings While shopping for the best deal on Botox may not give you the best results, there are some ways to save on your treatments without sacrificing quality. For example, many physicians offer discounted rates if you purchase multiple treatments at one time. Some physicians also have specials on Botox treatments periodically to encourage patients to try the procedure for the first time.

As a convenience to her patients Dr. Smith at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics also offers CareCredit as a payment method. To learn more contact Sapphire Aesthetics at 952-460-1970.