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For many people, thinning hair is an effect of aging that can’t be ignored. Fortunately, today’s advances in technology offer up a range of hair restoration systems that naturally regenerate a fuller, healthier head of hair. The Selphyl fibrin matrix system makes the most of today’s technological advancements. The Selphyl system is the next generation in  stimulating hair growth without the need for hair restoration. Dr. Leslie Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is proud to offer this state-of-the-art new treatment system for her patients. There are compelling reasons why the Selphyl system is poised to become a top choice in non-surgical hair restoration today.

What Causes Thinning Hair?

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A healthy scalp sheds anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day. While this sounds like a significant number, an ongoing hair growth cycle maintains a full head of hair in spite of this daily hair loss. As the body ages, the processes that support cycles of hair growth start to slow down much like other systems in the body begin to decline.

One of the components involved in the hair growth cycle is a network of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. With age, these blood vessels weaken, and blood flow is not as robust as it was during the younger years. When this happens, hair may begin to thin out.

The variety of hair restoration treatments on the market attempt to stimulate hair growth in different ways. Unless a hair treatment helps the scalp receive the nutrients it needs to flourish, you will likely see limited results at best. Selphyl System’s Fibrin Matrix treatment supports hair growth where it’s needed most.

Drawbacks of Traditional Hair Restoration Methods

FUE Hair Transplants

Dr. Smith has seen multiple patients who have gone through FUE hair transplants and not seen the results they were expecting. This is very common, as this expensive treatment does not address the root of the problem. Hair transplant procedures involve moving hair grafts from the back of the head to thinning areas along the scalp. If hair loss is considerable, multiple grafts will be needed to create a natural hair density in the affected area. Since the scalp can only handle so many hair grafts per centimeter, exceeding this limit increases the risk that the grafts will be lost.

Furthermore, inadequate blood supply to the thinning area is not addressed in this method, and this underlying condition can prove to be problematic during the hair transplant procedure. If the blood vessels are weak or dying off, the hair grafts won’t receive the oxygen and nutrients needed to thrive, exactly the same reason why hair growth has tapered off. Comparatively, using the Selphyl fibrin system is an economical and effective alternative that actually results in increased hair growth.

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics Patient Before, After 1 treatment, and After 3  Treatments.

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Selphyl’s fibrin matrix system is a new and improved hair restoration treatment. If you’ve tried traditional therapies and seen unsatisfactory results, the Selphyl system may be a solution that will work for you. Dr. Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics provides personalized care for each patient and will take the time to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 952-460-1970 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith today.