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Ideal Candidates for Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning or balding hair can affect anyone regardless of gender. The condition can occur for a multitude of reasons, from hereditary pattern baldness to acute alopecia. Hair loss can affect your self-esteem, which can massively impact your life. There are various treatments for hair loss, but what makes someone a good candidate for successful hair restoration? Dr. Leslie Smith, a cosmetic surgeon in Plymouth, MN, outlines ideal qualities for hair loss treatment patients.hair loss treatment plymouth mn

Early treatment

Hair loss treatments of all kinds are often more successful when initiated during the early stages of balding. If you consult your doctor sooner about hair restoration, your doctor can have more strong and healthy hair follicles to work with. With more hair at the start of your treatment, you can be closer to achieve full hair restoration by the end of the process. If you notice the beginnings of hair thinning or balding, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor early if you are seeking hair loss treatment.

Optimum overall health

Effective hair loss treatment works best with patients who are healthy overall. If hair loss is caused by underlying health conditions, especially chronic disorders such as lupus, then hair loss symptoms may continue even after restoration treatment is complete. Your doctor will also consider medical history to determine if you are healthy enough for treatment.

A balanced diet, exercise, and stress relief are all recommended for patients seeking hair restoration solutions. Poor health habits can lead to thinning or balding hair, so for best results, you should take care of yourself as well as possible.

Patience and commitment

Hair loss treatment can be a lengthy process, requiring multiple appointments with your doctor for consultations and procedures. It can take a few months to complete the restoration treatment and then several weeks after that before you see results. The ideal candidate for this kind of treatment will be able to exert patience during this process. They will also need to be able to commit the necessary time to complete treatment of this length. If this sounds like you, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your eligibility for hair loss treatment.

Hair loss treatment available in Plymouth, MN

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is a cosmetic treatment center assisting patients with hair loss in Plymouth, MN. Dr. Smith also specializes in liposuction, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 952.232.5654.