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Micro Laser Peel FAQs

You always want to put your best face forward. That means making sure your skin is healthy and smooth. A Micro Laser Peel allows you to get an even skin tone and the smooth texture you want on your face. Dr. Leslie Smith, a cosmetic doctor in Plymouth, MN, answers some frequently asked questions about the Micro Laser Peel and what it can do for you.cosmetic doctor in plymouth, minnesota

Micro Laser Peel Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a Micro Laser Peel?

A: This is a facial rejuvenation procedure that’s laser-assisted to both even out your skin tone and texture and assists with other skin concerns. It’s designed to rejuvenate your entire face while being gentle on your skin. It’s considered a step above traditional resurfacing techniques like microdermabrasion as it’s more effective and requires less downtime after the procedure.

Q: How does the process work better than traditional techniques?

A: This skin resurfacing treatment is very precise in removing a very thin layer of skin on the face. Your old, damaged cells are removed and expose beautiful new tissue. It also helps to encourage the growth of new cells, leading to smoother skin. Using this laser, it can be targeted to treat multiple issues. If you have a specific condition you’d like remedied, the laser can target it specifically.

Q: What does a Micro Laser Peel treat?

A: The Micro Laser Peel can be targeted to treat a variety of conditions. As we age, we’re more likely to have wrinkles and fine lines, which can both be treated with this procedure. Sunspots and sun damage can also be taken care of if you’ve found yourself in the sun a lot over the years. Scars, discoloration or uneven pigmentation, and large pores can all be treated with a Micro Laser Peel

Q: What can I expect during and after treatment?

A: For ideal results, Dr. Smith recommends getting 2-3 Micro Laser Peel treatments a year to keep your skin looking radiant. Each treatment only takes about 15-30 minutes in our office. As far as skin rejuvenation, it’s one that has a minimal amount of downtime. You feel comfortable within 2-4 days and are able to go back to work with the smooth skin you were after.

When your treatment is complete, Dr. Smith will apply a particular ointment to keep your skin hydrated and protected while it heals up. As for side effects, the most common are pink skin and feeling something akin to a sunburn. As your skin heals, you may experience some itchiness or minor irritation.

Q: Should I get a Micro Laser Peel?

A: With all of our procedures, a one-on-one consultation will be scheduled before proceeding with treatment. Dr. Smith will do a full evaluation of your skin and talk to you about your goals and how you want your skin to look. She’ll ask you about your current and past medical history to make sure that this procedure is safe and will be effective for your particular skin type. Each patient is different and deserves a custom treatment plan.

Micro Laser Peel at Your Cosmetic Doctor in Plymouth, Minnesota

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