Is PRP Hair Restoration more effective than hair transplanting?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

hair restoration patientAfter your eyes, the hair on your head is probably the feature that says the most about you. It’s an indicator of your overall health, age and personality. That’s why, when your hair starts to thin in a specific area or all over, it can be so devastating. That’s where cosmetic treatments come in. No, you can’t stop aging, and it’s not easy to control the natural changes in your hormone levels as you get older — but you can boost the health and fullness of your hair, naturally, with noticeable results.

PRP is a natural treatment which uses growth factors found in your own blood to boost the health of your scalp and hair follicles. It can significantly improve the quality and quantity of your hair in treated areas. It is also a fast, convenient and effective treatment which is exceptionally safe because it is homologous — it uses growth factors that your own body generates. But is it right for you? PRP is a beneficial treatment for most patients, but it’s not your only option. So how do you know if you should have PRP or different restoration treatment? Read on.

Why PRP Is Better for Some Patients Than Hair Restoration

Hair restoration that relies on transplanting your own healthy hair follicles is an ideal treatment for many individuals struggling with hair loss. However, like any procedure, it has its limits. If you have thinning on your crown, for example, hair transplants can create natural fullness without noticeably depleting your donor areas. But what if you want fuller hair in your donor areas as well? PRP is the answer.

PRP can treat the entire scalp allowing you to have healthy hair all over your head. The advantage of PRP is that it can increase the health of your scalp tissues and hair follicles wherever it is applied, not just in localized areas. If you’re looking for a way to get your entire scalp looking great, PRP is definitely an option you’ll want to consider.

Can I get great hair with just PRP?

Yes, you can. PRP works at the cellular level. It improves blood flow to the scalp where it is injected, delivering a variety of natural growth factors that support the health of scalp tissue and hair follicles. It is a treatment you can have anywhere on your head, so you can enjoy comprehensive benefits which aren’t merely localized to bald spots or patches of thinning hair.

Further, since PRP does not transplant hair follicles, it won’t deplenish some areas of your scalp to improve others. It will enhance all areas of your scalp simultaneously, giving you total confidence when you have the recommended number of treatments. It’s no wonder that PRP has increased in popularity as a standalone treatment as well as a treatment to have to boost your hair transplant results.

How do I determine which hair treatment will best meet my needs?

You have many options to improve your hairline and hair fullness. And that’s good news. But how do you choose the best option for you? That’s easy, too. You consult with an expert in hair restoration, who’s familiar with all the treatments, and has a single goal — ensuring you look your best no matter which procedure you choose.

For some patients, hair transplantation is the right choice. For others, PRP alone can get them more than the results they seek. A few patients may get the most benefits from having both treatments. You won’t find the right diagnosis online, though. For that, you must schedule an in-person consultation with an experienced surgeon, have a full examination and share with them your ultimate goals. You can call Dr. Leslie Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics to get started now.

This is the surest — and only — way to get a treatment that addresses your unique concerns and delivers the precise results you want, all but guaranteeing your post-treatment satisfaction. In fact, the more open you are about what’s bothering you and how you want to look, the greater satisfaction you can enjoy afterward. PRP, whether alone or as a complimentary treatment, can give you healthy, beautiful hair that lasts. But follow your doctor’s advice to get the best results.

Visit Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics for your PRP hair restoration treatment now!

You’ll get the best look — whether you’re considering hair restoration or another cosmetic treatment — when you have the right procedure performed by a qualified doctor who understands your needs. Dr. Leslie Smith of Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics not only has comprehensive knowledge of all the latest procedures and techniques but also takes the time to get a clear picture of your goals to form the ideal treatment plan for you. You are always in control of which procedures you have and your final look, however.

Schedule your complimentary in-person consultation with Dr. Leslie Smith today by calling Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics at (952) 460-1970. Don’t settle for so-so hair. Find out more about what PRP can do for you now!

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