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Benefits of a Non-Surgical Facelift

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Turning back the clock on your appearance doesn’t have to mean an invasive surgical procedure any longer. Today, advanced techniques have allowed us to achieve comparable results to surgery with minimally-invasive procedures that involve much less discomfort and downtime. For patients in search of a facelift procedure to firm up the facial profile while smoothing away wrinkles, Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics has two excellent non-surgical options to consider.

Nova Volume Lift

The Nova Volume Lift is a revolutionary procedure that uses dissolvable surgical threads to lift key areas of the face and create a more youthful facial profile. This procedure provides immediate results as the threads work to shore up sagging skin and tissue for a firmer appearance. At the same time, the Nova Volume Lift offers long-lasting results as the threads stimulate the body’s own healing process and collagen production to provide natural support in the underlying skin structure.

The primary benefit of the Nova Lift is the ability to restore a youthful V-shape to the face by raising the cheek bones and addressing sagging skin around the jawline. The procedure will also reduce the appearance of mild to moderate facial lines in the lower portion of the face around the nose, mouth and chin. The procedure can be tailored to the unique concerns of each patient by simply changing the specific location and angle of the threads. Most patients enjoy their positive results for up to 12-15 months before a touch-up procedure is required.

Silhouette Lift

The Silhouette Lift is another procedure that utilizes sutures to create the natural lift and firming of a facelift without extensive incisions and general anesthesia. This procedure involves one small incision in the temporal area, which is used to insert sutures at strategic locations where sagging has taken place. The number of sutures and their locations will be based on the specific needs and desired results of each patient. The sutures effectively reposition the skin, anchoring it to the underlying tissue to produce long-lasting results.

The Silhouette Lift takes just about one hour to perform using local anesthetic. Patients are able to go home shortly after their procedure and most are able to return to work and other activities within 2-4 days. This procedure offers immediate improvement that will typically last around four years. Dr. Smith can extend those results another four years by performing a simple tightening procedure around four years after the initial treatment.

Is a Non-Surgical Facelift Right for Me?

While both the Nova Lift and the Silhouette Lift are effective on their own, they can also be combined with other procedures like injectable treatments to further enhance their results. These procedures are generally recommended for mild to moderate signs of aging. Patients with significant skin laxity or severe facial creasing may need to turn to a surgical facelift to achieve the results they are looking for.

If you are unhappy with the way signs of aging are starting to appear on your face, non-surgical treatment options are now available. Dr. Smith is experienced in both of these lift procedures and can tailor them to your specific needs to ensure the best possible outcome. To learn more about the Nova Lift or the Silhouette Lift, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today at 952-460-1970.