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Can I get the Best Botox Injections in Minnesota?

Cosmetic Botox in Plymouth, MN

Botox injections are so commonplace today, it seems like you can walk into nearly any doctor’s office or MedSpa and come out with a smoother, more youthful appearance. However, don’t let the explosive popularity of Botox fool you into thinking the procedure is straightforward enough to be administered by anyone. This prescription medication is both safe and effective, but only if it is used by an experienced injector. Check out these tips for finding the best Botox injections in Minnesota.


Before asking about experience, find out who actually administers the injections. Beware clinics and MedSpas that advertise a “supervising doctor on the premises,” because that often means exactly what it says. There is a doctor present, in case something goes wrong. However, the physician is not the person handling most of the treatments; instead, you might see a nurse or technician for your procedure.

Once you have verified that a physician actually performs the injections, ask about the doctor’s level of experience. Botox is actually a more complex procedure that it seems, since the injections are directed at the muscles that form the wrinkles and not the wrinkles themselves. Accurate placement of injections ensures positive results without unexpected brow or eyelid drooping or other negative effects that you might have to live with for a number of months before the medication finally dissipates.

Product Quality

The quality of the Botox is another concern. While not common, some injectors might use off-brands of Botox that they can get and offer at a lower price. A more common problem is injectors that dilute the concentration they receive more than recommended, in an effort to stretch the medication a bit further. In addition to not lasting as long, overly diluted Botox can spread differently once it is injected, creating unexpected results.

It is also a good idea to ask how the Botox treatments are priced. Some physicians price their treatments according to the number of units used. While this is a legitimate way to set your cost, it can also tempt some less scrupulous physicians to use more than necessary. Unfortunately, overuse of Botox can result in a “frozen” look that is not as natural as Botox results should be.

Dr. Smith at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics has performed hundreds of Botox injections and can help you to meet your anti-aging goals with this popular medication. She administers all of her Botox treatments herself, so patients can rest assured they are in experienced hands when they come in for their injections. To learn more, contact Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics today at 952-460-1970.