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Tame Your Tummy: Mini Tummy Tuck

Tame Your Tummy: Mini Tummy Tuck
One of the most common complaints from our patients is about the loose skin around the abdomen. This is particularly an issue for patients who have undergone significant weight loss and for women who have had children. The mini tummy tuck, or partial abdominoplasty, is less invasive than traditional abdominoplasty.

Dr. Leslie Smith from Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics in Minneapolis and St. Paul combines Tickle Lipo with the mini tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Smith can deliver the best possible results with the least amount of healing and recovery.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?
Pioneered in the 90s by Brazilian surgeon Dr. Juarez Avelar, the mini tummy tuck is a combined liposuction-abdominoplasty procedure that allows for the removal of excess fat and skin without large-scale cutting. This procedure uses a shorter incision just at or above the pubic region. The mini tummy tuck uses a C-section like incision to remove excess lower abdominal skin.

Dr. Smith has put her spin on the Avelar technique by combining Tickle Lipo with the mini tummy tuck to achieve better, more natural results. The name Tickle Lipo comes from the technology that uses a low frequency acoustic infrasonic vibration. Patients say it feels like a tickling sensation. The vibration breaks up fat without disrupting surrounding tissue, for smoother results and less recovery time.

Who is a Candidate for the Mini Tummy Tuck?
Ideal candidates for the procedure include:

  • Patients with localized excess skin or fat usually found between the belly button and pubic bone, as opposed to excess skin or fat in a broader area.
  • Patients in good health but find that diet and exercise have not helped fight the tummy bulge.
  • Women who do not plan on getting pregnant after the procedure.

Benefits of (Avelar) Mini Tummy Tuck
There are several reasons why the mini tummy tuck may be a better choice than traditional abdominoplasty:

  • Dr. Smith performs the mini tummy tuck while the patient is “awake,” so no general anesthesia is needed.
  • Mini tummy tuck procedure requires a much smaller incision compared to traditional abdominoplasty, so scarring and downtime are lessened.
  • Belly button will usually not need to be repositioned during the procedure.
  • Dr. Smith’s technique of starting with Tickle Lipo to thin the abdominal wall accelerates healing and achieves a more contoured shape.

How Does It Work?
A mini tummy tuck only targets the lower abdomen, and the incision is much smaller.

Dr. Smith uses the Tickle Lipo method to remove excess fat and thin the abdominal wall to make the surgery less dramatic and the healing process much easier. The excess skin will be trimmed, and the incision will be closed with fine surgical sutures.

What are the Steps Leading to the Mini Tummy Tuck?

    • Your consultation is the time to determine if the procedure is right for you; you will discuss your concerns, goals and health history with Dr. Smith.
    • After your pre-operative evaluation, you will receive written materials to review including:
    • Consent for the mini tummy tuck.
    • Instructions for the day of surgery.
    • Medication instructions, you may be asked to stop certain medications and or vitamins and supplements.
    • Written prescriptions for your post-operative period.
    • Written information to help you after your procedure and during recovery


Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery
After a brief recovery, the patient will be able to leave the office. It is advised that you are driven home by a friend or family member. The recovery varies from patient to patient depending on the general health of the individual, but it is relatively short. Most patients return to work after one or two weeks. Pain and swelling after the procedure are normal, this will subside in two to three days.

There will be a noticeable scar at the incision site, which will fade over time. There will be obvious immediate results after the procedure, but optimal results will be visible in the following three to six months. Walking is encouraged to begin getting back into shape and reduce the chance of blood clots while strenuous exercise like running and any heavy lifting should be avoided for at least six weeks.

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