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Meet Dr. Smith D.O: Minneapolis Area Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Leslie Smith D.O has many accomplishments under her belt. Not only is she board certified but also specializes in soft tissue procedures with over ten years of experience. She is a graduate of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine located in Long Island. She was acknowledged for excellence by the American Burn Association on a national level, receiving the esteem Fellowship Award. Being a major in the military taught her values such as discipline and competence. Dr. Smith offers many different kinds of treatments that are sure to leave you feeling younger, more confident, and refreshed. Being a cosmetic surgeon, she focuses on making people feel beautiful again.

For Minneapolis hair removal, Dr. Smith is considered the top provider. Hair removal is a painless procedure that, without proper care from a trustworthy professional, can leave you with inflammation and rashes.

If you are seeking a Minneapolis face lift certified doctor backed by experience, look no further. Maybe you’re seeking a non-invasive silhouette lift in Minneapolis instead. A silhouette lift is ideal for anyone seeking the effects of a traditional face lift without the discomfort.

Dr. Smith will make sure you get the look that you want the easiest way possible. She offers a comfortable office atmosphere with friendly staff available to help you every step of the way. Have you contemplated seeking Minneapolis laser lipo treatments? This is another non-invasive procedure that makes a huge difference in your appearance by eliminating body fat permanently. Dr. Smith specializes in laser lipo and was one of the first cosmetic surgeons in Minneapolis to implement the new, Tickle Lipo procedure.
Dr. Smith can be found at her office, Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics. She is a trustworthy surgeon backed by extensive education and experience. For a professional, reputable, and caring doctor, contact Dr. Smith for your consultation.