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Expect Fast Results With FaceTite Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

If you’re contemplating a cosmetic treatment to slim your face and neck with precise results and minimal downtime, FaceTite may have captured your interest. Developed by InMode, FaceTite is at the forefront of minimally invasive aesthetic solutions, providing targeted fat reduction and skin tightening without the need for traditional surgery.

For those near Minneapolis, Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics offers innovation and excellence in delivering this cutting-edge procedure. But one question often arises: How long does it take for FaceTite to work?

The FaceTite Process Explained

FaceTite is lauded for its precision and effectiveness in treating stubborn facial fat and skin laxity. Utilizing radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), this technology applies controlled heat to melt fat and tighten skin from within, all through a tiny incision that requires only a local anesthetic. This method is ideal for facial areas like the jawline (jowls), beneath the chin (double chin) and the cheeks.

Is FaceTite or AccuTite Better for Me?

FaceTite and AccuTite are both innovative, minimally invasive procedures offered by InMode designed to reduce fat and tighten skin without traditional surgery and lengthy incisions. While they share the same underlying technology — RFAL — the primary difference lies in their application areas.

FaceTite provides a solution for larger areas of the face and neck, such as jowls and double chins, making it ideal for those seeking more comprehensive facial contouring. On the other hand, AccuTite is specially designed for smaller, more delicate areas such as around the eyes and mouth, offering precision in treating hard-to-reach spots.

Both procedures stimulate collagen production, leading to firmer, more youthful-looking skin, but the choice between FaceTite and AccuTite ultimately depends on your specific aesthetic goals and the areas you wish to address.

When Will I See My Results From FaceTite?

Most patients experience noticeable results in terms of more slender contours and tighter skin about four weeks after their treatment. However, FaceTite results typically continue to improve over the following six months as collagen builds and your facial or body tissues adjust to their new contours.

Remember, patience is key with FaceTite. As the weeks and months pass, you’ll gradually see the transformation unfold, revealing a more contoured, refined you. With the support of Dr. Smith and the Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics team, your vision of beauty can become a reality.

Your FaceTite Recovery and Results Timeline

First Week: Recuperation

  • Swelling and bruising: Most patients will experience some degree of swelling and bruising in the treated area, which is a normal part of the healing process. These symptoms might temporarily obscure your initial results.
  • Minimal discomfort: Any discomfort or tenderness felt at the treatment sites can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients are advised to follow Dr. Smith’s guidance on pain management.
  • Limited activity: We recommend taking it easy during this period. While you can typically return to non-strenuous activities within a few days, it’s important to avoid vigorous exercise or heavy lifting until you feel ready and are cleared by Dr. Smith.

Fourth Week: Initial Results

  • Slimming results: Once most major swelling resolves by week four post-procedure, patients see a visible reduction in the volume of the treated areas, resulting in more slender, sculpted contours. These results will continue to improve over time.

Sixth Week: More Noticeable Results

  • Reduction in swelling and bruising: By this time, swelling and bruising should have significantly subsided, allowing results to become more visible.
  • Continued healing and skin tightening: The treated areas will continue to heal and improve. You may start to notice a tightening effect, as the FaceTite treatment stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production.

Three to Six Months: Final Results

  • Peak results: Six months is when patients typically see the most dramatic improvements in the treated areas. The skin feels tighter, contours become more defined and sagging is reduced.
  • Ongoing collagen production: The body’s collagen production continues to be stimulated throughout this time, further contributing to tightening and firming of the skin.

After Three to Five Years:

  • Maintenance of results: With proper care, including a healthy lifestyle and skincare regimen, the results of the FaceTite procedure can be maintained for years. Some patients might choose to undergo an additional treatment every three to five years to further enhance or maintain their results.

What Influences Your FaceTite Results?

Understanding the factors that play a role in your recovery and the effectiveness of FaceTite can help you set realistic expectations and contribute to achieving the best possible outcome.

  • Personal healing response: Everyone’s body reacts differently to cosmetic treatments. Your age, skin quality and overall health can influence how quickly and effectively you heal.
  • Lifestyle choices: Habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and prolonged sun exposure can impede your healing process and affect the quality of your results. Following a healthy lifestyle and adhering to post-treatment care instructions provided by Dr. Smith will support a smoother recovery.
  • Follow-up treatments: For some, a single FaceTite session delivers the desired results. Others may benefit from additional treatments or complementary procedures, such as Venus skin tightening or injectable fillers, to enhance their outcomes. Dr. Smith and her team will guide you through your options based on your specific goals and needs.

Why Choose Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics?

Selecting the right clinic and practitioner for your FaceTite treatment is crucial. At Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics, you’ll find a team led by Dr. Leslie Smith, a specialist known for her expertise in cosmetic procedures and a personalized approach to patient care. Our aesthetic practice combines cutting-edge technology with a warm, patient-focused atmosphere, promoting a comfortable and supportive experience from consultation through to follow-up care.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Expertise: Our team’s proficiency in the latest aesthetic techniques ensures you receive the highest standard of care.
  • Technology: We invest in state-of-the-art equipment to provide safe, effective and efficient treatments.
  • Personalization: Your treatment plan is customized to meet your unique needs, reflecting our commitment to achieving your aesthetic goals.

Slim and Contour Your Face With Fast Results From FaceTite in Minneapolis

Feeling good about your appearance can have a profound impact on your life. If you’re ready to explore how FaceTite can help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations with minimal downtime, schedule your consultation at Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics near Minneapolis. Together, we can craft a treatment plan tailored just for you, setting you on a path to visible, lasting results.

Contact us today to learn more about FaceTite and other services we offer. Request your appointment online or call us at 952-460-1970.