A.W. Testimonial

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

I want to thank you again. While I was slightly apprehensive about the procedure, your kind nature and attention to detail made me feel confident and welcomed in your facility. I have never known a doctor to take such care and excellence on a personal basis with patients. The procedure went smooth, and recovery is coming along well.

The day after surgery, I was sore, but I was able to move and needed little pain medication. The wound weeping subsided at about 10am that morning and I was able to take a walk down by the lake.

On the third day, I continued with the bioron, and also restarted my other homeopathic regimen from my previous procedures (picture attached). I decided to take an honest look this morning as to the progress. I am aware that I will not see full results for many weeks, but the progress to date is amazing. I took two photos.

I have inflammation, and bruising, but the area is looking fantastic. I am now using a combination of an antibiotic with a taggederm over the entry site to increase repair, and decrease scarring with moist wound healing.

Three weeks prior to the surgery, I started using a skin renewing body lotion with Collagen Elastin, Shea butter and vitamins. I have begun using this again in the morning after my shower and letting it dry thoroughly before putting on my garment.

I am excited to see full results, and wear clothing that had sense been put in boxes because the lump on my stomach was too visible.

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